How much does it cost?

Websites hosted with Xweb are completely free! That includes unlimited pages, server space, and we even provide a huge collection of images and videos you can use in your site. We do offer a premium version but it's up to you if you decide to take it.

How easy is it to build a website with Xweb?

With an increasing amount of people using mobile devices to view the web, will my site still look good on a phone or tablet?

Absolutely, all our templates are fully responsive, which means they'll look good on whichever device they're viewed on.

I need a website for my small business, is it still free?

That's no problem, we're happy to accommodate, simply start building your site using Xweb, you can use all the features we offer and will be able to get your business online within a few minutes.

Got a question?

Let us know about it, we're here to help!

Still not sure? Why not try building a quick website to see what you think